The Casper Network is a layer 1, fully decentralized, proof of stake blockchain network that is built from the ground up to be optimized for enterprises.

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CasperLabs Brings Advanced Blockchain Tech to Enterprises

For years, enterprises have been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for a blockchain solution that truly meets their needs. Enterprises ranging from big tech organizations and startups to government agencies and NGOs need effective enterprise grade blockchain solutions today, the same way these kinds of organizations needed breakthroughs in internet technology decades ago. Without effective enterprise blockchain solutions, these organizations simply cannot stay competitive or adequately meet the needs of their customers, stakeholders, and user bases. And this is where CasperLabs, the core developer of the Casper Network, comes into play.

Already working with a vast array of companies, CasperLabs has created a product that has not yet existed in the space of enterprise blockchain solutions. This is important, as organizations have critical needs for this technology, including:

  • Access to data that is both accurate and easy to manage
  • Reducing IT and data management costs, as well as ensuring ease of scalability
  • The expansion of B2B and B2C networks and the ability to do business with unknown parties in a trusted way
  • Technical infrastructure reliability
  • The ability to reduce fraud, counterfeits and to efficiently control the supply chain
  • Future-proofed systems that evolve with the pace of their respective industries

Further, the engineers that develop enterprise blockchain technology need tools and resources that allow them to quickly and effectively deploy these solutions. So the Casper Network provides an incredible amount of flexibility to developers, who can build in any language they want, and they can work with public or private blockchains or even a hybrid of the two based on the enterprise’s needs.

The Casper Network Is a Leading 3rd Generation Blockchain

The Casper Network is built from the ground up to be optimized for enterprises. And, not only is it set to be the third fully decentralized blockchain network, alongside bitcoin and ethereum, it is extremely developer-friendly in that it provides WebAssembly tools to help speed up the development of Web 3 apps.

In addition to being a developer-friendly language, here are some other key standout features of the Casper Network:

#1: Customizable Network Fees

High transaction fees have become a major problem in the blockchain space for both consumers and enterprises. The Casper Network not only works to have lower case fees, but it also lets the developer of the smart contract choose who pays the gas — whether sender, receiver, both, or even the enterprise itself paying on behalf of both parties. This feature will allow much more diverse use cases for enterprises and their users.

#2: Smart Contract Upgradability

The Casper Network is built to allow the direct upgrading of on-chain smart contracts, and its CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment) architecture means enterprises don’t need to worry about complicated migration processes, and developers can easily address any vulnerabilities in currently deployed smart contracts. In short, developers can be orders of magnitude more efficient in building great tech.

#3: Flexible Permissions

With the Casper Network, you can also implement an advanced account permissions model that can recover lost keys and securely share state between accounts and contracts — without any costly cryptographic checks.

The Casper DEVxDAO Grant Program

Even though CasperLabs is leading the way for enterprises to implement blockchain technology within their organization’s using the Casper Network, they are also providing opportunities for the advancement of blockchain technology inside and outside the Casper ecosystem through the DEVxDAO grant program.

The DEVxDAO program is a place where project stakeholders such as developers can collaborate and create new and emerging technologies to push innovation in the blockchain space forward. Be sure to visit for more information on which grant programs are available and how to apply.

Casper Network Use Cases

CasperLabs has created a level of professional product that has been missing in the enterprise blockchain space, and this is resulting in an array of value-driven cases. Presently, Casper is working with a number of enterprises including IPwe, QuEST, and HeraSoft, as well as government agencies, billion-dollar organizations, and others.

Use cases range from tokenization of assets all the way to supply chain solutions in the case of QuEST, and asset tracking in the case of HeraSoft. But this is just a sample of all the great things enterprises are doing with the Casper Network, and we encourage you to keep up with the new partnerships being formed and current projects on the CasperLabs blog.

CasperLabs is creating a fully decentralized and secure layer 1 proof of stake blockchain that is changing the way enterprises plug in the decentralized landscape. We encourage you to learn more about the project and discover how you can stake CSPR, the Casper Network’s native token here, with Everstake.

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