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TRON Powers Lindsay Lohan’s Exclusive NFT Release

Lindsay Lohan, the multifaceted Hollywood star, is to release an exclusive NFT on the TRON network. Given the high gas fees on the Ethereum, TRON is a natural fit for hosting NFTs, which can be minted, traded, and auctioned at low cost.

A Highly Anticipated NFT Auction

Lindsay Lohan’s NFT auction goes live on March 20 and fans of the star and the crypto community are buzzing with anticipation. Lohan says of the upcoming launch,

“The whole world has been keen to learn more about the NFT space. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this revolution.” She continues, “I am also really excited to be jumping on board with Justin Sun, Founder of TRON, on Clubhouse to further discuss NFTs and the launch of my artwork.”

But this doesn’t mark Lindsay Lohan’s first foray into the world of crypto. She’s been extremely active and vocal about the mass adoption of crypto and NFTs, and continues to produce content to educate her audience on the industry. Justin Sun of TRON commented, “Lindsay is a true icon and has been very vocal about crypto, blockchain adoption and NFTs. I’m looking forward to an exciting discussion with her this Thursday.”

You can catch Justin Sun and Lindsay Lohan’s discussion on Clubhouse today at 10:30pm PST using this link.

Hollywood Finally Wakes Up to Crypto

NFTs are one of the key drivers to the entertainment industry that is waking up to crypto. Other notable stars creating NFTs include Logan Paul, Soulja Boy, deadMau5, Kings of Leon and many more.  Even moguls like Elon Musk have jumped into the world of NFTs, teasing the release of their own offerings.

Stars like Lindsay Lohan are helping to bridge the gap between creators and fans, with the NFT space, in particular, growing at an incredible pace. The NFT market grew from $30 million in 2017 to over $300 million at the end of 2020, with no signs of slowing down.

Unique NFT initiatives involving TRON don’t stop with Lindsay Lohan. The TRON network recently received its first Metaverse with an NFT marketplace, courtesy of MegaCryptoPolis, and it powers a large part of the overall crypto space with its native TRX token.

Founded in September 2017 by Justin Sun, TRON continues its work on accelerating the decentralization of the internet through blockchain technology and decentralized applications.

The Rise and Rise of NFTs

NFTs are everywhere right now, having permeated the worlds of art, sports, and real estate, and even corporations getting in on the act. It would have been strange to think, as little as six months ago, that a company like Taco Bell would be releasing its own NFT collection, or that artists such as Kings of Leon and Aphex Twin would be releasing their albums as digital collectibles.

As musicians, sports stars, and other creators have latched onto the possibilities provided by NFTs and blockchain’s provable scarcity, the industry has boomed – bringing with it eye-watering valuations. While the $69 million auction of Beeple’s NFT by Christie’s auction house captured global headlines, within the crypto community, millions of dollars are routinely being thrown down on CryptoPunks, HashMasks, Mooncats, and other digital collections. If TRON can convince other celebs to follow Lohan’s lead, its entertainment ecosystem will permeate yet another crypto vertical, while providing further proof of Justin Sun’s marketing nous.

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